Month: October 2019

3 Social Media Tips For Aspiring Actors

Social media comes with its own set of rules. Engage, don’t sell. Be present, but not too present. Interact, but don’t complain or get too political. This doesn’t scratch the surface of where to be present or when either. While this article discusses actors, keep in mind these tips can help anyone attempting to market […]

Study Shows Consumers are Concerned About the Influence of Social Media on News Coverage

Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about how social media is affecting news coverage. A 2019 Pew Research study of over 5,000 consumers suggests that people are growing weary of how sensationalism and bias have increased in the age of social media. Most Americans believe social media platforms have too much control over information flow and […]

Has Social Media Destroyed our Generation

An Analysis of the Impact of Social Media In a scientific analysis of social media, new findings suggest a fear of technology is at the root of the idea that social media can destroy a generation of users. In 2017, the UK’s Dr. Amy Orben, College Lecturer in Experimental Psychology and the University of Oxford […]

Negative Effects of Social Media Algorithm

Are Social Media Algorithms As Bad As They Say They Are? The short answer: yes. However, we will explain why. Social media started as a good thing when it first came into being. Things have changed though, particularly in the last five years. The begs the question: What happened?! More people are becoming disenchanted with […]

How Video Is Transforming Social Media Marketing!

Did you know that more than 1 billion hours of content is viewed online around the globe each day? The use of video media has become more popular than ever with the advent of social media and smartphone technology. When you are developing an online marketing strategy for your business or brand, it is important […]

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