Negative Effects of Social Media Algorithm

Negative Effects of Social Media Algorithm

Are Social Media Algorithms As Bad As They Say They Are?

The short answer: yes. However, we will explain why. Social media started as a good thing when it first came into being. Things have changed though, particularly in the last five years. The begs the question:

What happened?!

More people are becoming disenchanted with social media and the algorithms show. I used to be on the platforms, but I have since moved away from it. It has become more of a cesspool for negativity now. Let’s explore what happened and why.

1) Some argue that internet trolls have taken over. I can understand that point, but I feel there is something more to it than that. Internet trolls have always been around, since the beginning of Facebook and Twitter. More importantly, though, I think that the internet trolls have more leverage now, considering the social and political climates. It is almost as if they have an excuse to act out in the way they do.

2) Others argue that there is more pessimism in the world now. Looking at our current political climate it is not hard to see why. There was an optimism in 2014-2016. Now, in the last three years, that optimism has decreased.

People are genuinely not happy, in spite of how positive they try to be. That shows in the social media algorithms.

One person posed a very interesting hypothesis. He argued that social media used to be a place to debate and have a healthy exchange of ideas. Now, it has become a pit for the lonely.

“The algorithms were made for happy people to gravitate to those sites. It has now become a beacon for the opposite. It makes us ponder whether the algorithms are the cause of the effect of our unhappiness.”

That is an interesting question if you think about. Are we causing our unhappiness? Is the current political and social climates to blame?

Algorithms drive advertising, which drives profits. It seems though that lately unhappiness has become the profit we rely on.

Social media has done a lot of amazing things. It helps to bring people together. You can chat with family and friends you have not seen in years. However, it is the doom and gloom that has taken over.

How do we get social media away from doom and gloom and back to where it used to be? There is no specific answer to the question or solution to the problem right now. Only time will tell whether this negative outlook is going to be the new normal or if this too shall pass.

It is a question that might not be answered right away. It could take some time to get back to something positive, but, for now, the doom and gloom are here to stay.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Negative Effects of Social Media Algorithm

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