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As Tik Tok is one of the most popular social apps, everyone is downloading it and getting addicted to watching, liking, and posting. Naturally, as you scroll, you see ideas that are getting people’s videos to go viral. Those trends and ideas are most of the time pretty simple, and that is where the process begins. Here are some tips and tricks to create a successful video on Tik Tok.

Choose a Popular Sound

If you are new on Tik Tok and don’t have a huge following yet, it is recommended that you use a sound that is popular. Using a popular sound will not only give you a better chance to get views, but will also have a chance to get onto the “For You” page. The easiest way to pick a sound is to go onto the For You page and scroll until you find a video with a lot of likes using that sound. Using a sound that you constantly hear on Tik Tok is very beneficial.

Lighting and Background

When shooting your Tik Tok, be sure that the video will be good quality. If you video is bad quality or shaky, it is more likely viewers will just scroll past your video to the next one with better quality. Your lighting and background is very important. Make sure there is enough natural light in the room so your face is clear and not pixelated. The background is the next important step to creating a successful video. Viewers do not want to see your dirty dishes in the sink, or your dirty room with clothes all over the place. Having a video that is aesthetically pleasing to the viewers eye is another factor that will benefit you greatly.


Hashtags are another important factor in creating a successful Tik Tok. The hashtags will either make or break if you get on the For You page. Getting on the For You page will get you more likes, views, and followers, so it is almost necessary that your video gets onto that page. Using hashtags such as “#ForYou, #fyp, #ForYouPage” after your caption gives you a much better chance with getting on to the page. Other hashtags to use are the ones that are trending, even if your video doesn’t make any sense with those hashtags. The trending hashtags mean that people are viewing those videos constantly and using them with their videos. You can find these hashtags right as you type in a “#” and they will be directly under.

Consistent Content

Create a theme for your page. If you want to post about makeup, stick to makeup videos. If you want to post comedy, stick to comedy videos. A page with consistent content is more likely to go viral because people will always know what to expect from them. You will receive more followers as well since you stick to one category so people who are interested in that category will be loyal fans and followers.

All in all, it isn’t the easiest process to going viral on Tik Tok, or creating amazing videos. These tips and tricks are all ways to better your chances with getting your videos likes and views. Best of luck, and happy Tik Toking!

Tik Tok Tips!

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