Year: 2020

Get More Rest in a Comfortable Nest

Nest Bedding: The Beginning The vision in 2011 was to build a company that would offer mattresses that were both good for the environment and appealed to online consumers.  What Mattresses Does Nest Offer? Nest offers six different mattresses, each with different firmness and either flippable or not. All Nest beds are made of Energex […]

Infinite CBD: Connecting Us to True Health?

Infinite CBD, a Colorado-based CBD company, has taken the CBD industry by storm. Much like cannabidiol itself, Infinite CBD is growing increasingly popular year over year. First introduced in 2016, Infinite CBD is a solution-driven brand that many recent consumers have regarded as unique, having great variety in their product selection, a brand that offers […]

Gary Kaplan and The Kaplan Foundation Bring The Mission Back to Bwindi

After Gary Kaplan of the Kaplan Foundation went to Bwindi, Uganda on a successful mission trip to bring clean water to the people there, he always wanted to return. During his first trip, Kaplan wanted to learn about the village and to bring the people a clean source of drinking water. While he was happy […]

Ryan Brucato Discusses Covid-19 Market Repercussions

In only the first few months of 2020, Covid-19 swept through and left in its wake a new world that seems like more of a nightmare to most of us. Beyond the strange quarantined living conditions that have become the “new normal,” the financial markets have taken a great hit. Fortunately, the last few weeks […]

Professional Betting Platforms like Betcris Excited to See Ohio University Launch New Certificate Program

Betcris along with many international platforms help to facilitate sports gambling in the many nations across the globe in which the pastime has now been legalized. Even a growing number of states in the USA now permit wagering on sports events. Yet despite this recent change and the number of sports betting platforms available for […]

Visionary Hamed Wardak Connects to a New Audience Through Valen of Wicked

Who Is Hamed Wardak? Hamed Wardak is a very well educated world traveler who was born in Afghanistan, the son to the nation’s minister of defense. Early in life, Hamed Wardak worked alongside his father, deeply passionate about assisting his fellow citizens of Afghanistan whose lives were rocked by 30 years of civil unrest. Hamed […]

Gary Kaplan Attempting to Solve the African Water Crisis

The availability of water is a minimum essential for sustaining human life.  Unfortunately, many people in disadvantaged parts of the world do not enjoy the luxury of having cheap and clean water available in their homes.  Some people like Gary Kaplan have to travel for hours every day just to pick up clean water.  In […]

Hamed Wardak Teaches You How to Write Good Techno Music and Connect with your Audience

by Hamed Wardak Hello! Hamed Wardak here. Some of you devout techno fans may know me as Valen of Wicked. As one of the most popular genres in the world, techno music has become something of a phenomenon. Whether you’re in Detroit, London or Berlin, it’s not difficult to find the techno subculture that will […]

New Parental Controls for Video Social Media Apps

According to CNN Business, parents now have access to additional controls over the TikTok app, which is popular with teenagers. About a month ago, TikTok announced that the company was partnering with some of the platform’s rising stars. These individuals would encourage current users to learn how to apply the screen time management tools in […]

Introducing Vine 2.0

The social media space is notoriously difficult to enter since established players hold a strong advantage over new entrants in adoption, technology, and user data. Social media networks that succeed at carving out a new niche, however, can become billion-dollar unicorns overnight. As a result, ambitious entrepreneurs regularly try to launch new social media concepts […]

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