Month: January 2020

Has Social Media Reached Its Breaking Point!

One of my biggest goals for 2020 is to finally commit to unplugging from social media. I, like many others, have a complicated relationship with Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (no, I do not use Snapchat and I refuse to join Tik Tok for fear of upping my screen time even more). While the apps give me major […]


Pinterest is a visually-driven social media platform that’s become increasingly popular in the past few years. Though the platform was originally ad-free, like most social platforms, it was recently monetized. With users now topping 110 million, there’s no better time to learn how to reach your customers with Pinterest’s organic or paid posts. Here are […]

The 6 Most Bizarre Scandals From Social Media Influencers in 2019

You can be forgiven if you’re unfamiliar with the concept of “social media influencers.” They’re a strange breed, especially when you peek behind the curtain of their glamorous Instagram posts and discover their lies, deceit, drama, fraud and generally bizarre behavior. Here are just a few influencers that should’ve unplugged in 2019. 1. Clemmie Hooper […]

Digital Advancements and Social Media

With digital advancements growing at an alarming rate, social media users may have reason to worry. More specifically, Snapchat and TikTok enthusiasts should be wary of a modern development that allows users to overlay someone else’s face onto an existing picture. More commonly known as deepfakes, this startling usage of editing software is notorious for […]

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