Month: March 2020

Visionary Hamed Wardak Connects to a New Audience Through Valen of Wicked

Who Is Hamed Wardak? Hamed Wardak is a very well educated world traveler who was born in Afghanistan, the son to the nation’s minister of defense. Early in life, Hamed Wardak worked alongside his father, deeply passionate about assisting his fellow citizens of Afghanistan whose lives were rocked by 30 years of civil unrest. Hamed […]

Gary Kaplan Attempting to Solve the African Water Crisis

The availability of water is a minimum essential for sustaining human life.  Unfortunately, many people in disadvantaged parts of the world do not enjoy the luxury of having cheap and clean water available in their homes.  Some people like Gary Kaplan have to travel for hours every day just to pick up clean water.  In […]

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