Visionary Hamed Wardak Connects to a New Audience Through Valen of Wicked

Who Is Hamed Wardak?

Hamed Wardak is a very well educated world traveler who was born in Afghanistan, the son to the nation’s minister of defense. Early in life, Hamed Wardak worked alongside his father, deeply passionate about assisting his fellow citizens of Afghanistan whose lives were rocked by 30 years of civil unrest.

Hamed Wardak graduated from the prestigious Washinton D.C. based in Georgetown University in 1997. Wardak was named valedictorian of his graduating class and went on to earn his seat as a Rhodes Scholar the very same year.

In his time after college, Hamed Wardak attained much success in the United States of America in the financial services industry as well as business development that benefited his homeland of Afghanistan. His philanthropic efforts led to the creation of the Campaign for a U.S. Afghanistan Partnership, CUSAP for short. This partnership was created as a charitable organization with a mission to raise multi-national donations for the purpose of a sustainable and secure Afghanistan. He also developed Ludas Athletics in Miami, Florida. The proceeds from this organization are earmarked specifically to aid the youth of the local Miami community. Both of these endeavors created resources to support Hamed’s vision for a better Afghanistan as well as aiding youth worldwide.

hamed wardak
Hamed Wardak

Musical Genius As A Tool To Shape The Future

Ever since he could remember, one of Hamed Wardak’s greatest passions was music. His mother instilled that love at a very young age and nurtured Hamed’s musical understanding and abilities throughout his childhood.

Today. Hamed Wardak is more specifically interested in electronic or dance music. Some may call it Techno. Hamed Wardak performs under the name Valen of Wicked. The Valen of Wicked sound is cutting edge and forward-thinking. The dedication to his passion can be heard through his creative use of effects and metallic sounds. The music created by Valen of Wicked is multi-layered and deep. Valen of Wicked can be seen all around the world performing his passion in clubs and venues. Valen of Wicked is currently working on his first studio techno album. Hamed hopes to spread, through the generations, his hopes, and efforts to create a future that is beautiful safe and harmonious among all people of all ages and backgrounds. He looks to accomplish the spreading of this message through Valen of Wicked.

Hamed Wardak Speaks

The website of Hamed Wardak is an extremely in-depth and informative space where you can really get to know all things Hamed and Valen of Wicked. What moves his spirit, what makes him tick and his inspiration and motivation in life can be found on this website. It is very well put together, easy to navigate and a cutting edge representation of Hamed and the Valen of Wicked. From the artistic expression of Hamed as the Valen of Wicked on the homepage shining through the dark in a smoky atmosphere to the information he shares under his blog section, you will get to know Hamed Wardak on an intimate level.

Fans of music and consumers, in general, want to know the story of the artists and people whom they enjoy and support. Hamed lets us into his world on a very intimate level through his website,

The information on the website directs his fans to different media outlets where he can be followed, seen and heard in interviews.

The website is very easy to navigate and the wealth of information feels like he has welcomed you into his living room and his having a conversation with you. You can see where he has been featured, which media outlets have done stories on him and who has interviewed him. Through these various media outlets, the Valen of Wicked has received many favorable reviews and is creating quite the buzz for himself.

Hamed Wardak also takes us on a ride through the world of electronic and techno music with an in-depth breakdown of the international techno and rave music scene. He gives us a list of the must-visit events for the Techno and Rave enthusiasts. From Poland to Serbia and Spain, let the Valen of Wicked take you on a trip around the world. He even breaks down the famous Coachella music festival.

Hamed Wardak takes us to school and gives us a lesson on not only how to create electronic music but also how to differentiate between house music and techno music. The passion for the music and creativity that the Valen of Wicked brings us is clearly shown through his website. One of the most interesting bits of information on his website is the correlation between Techno music and more successful In Vitro Fertilization rates. The blog section of his website is definitely a must-read for any Techno enthusiast or anyone that just wants to learn about the culture and history of the music.

Hamed Wardak currently splits his time between his home in New York City and On the island of Puerto Rico. (Hamed) Wardak is the son of a former defense minister for Afghanistan. Hamed Wardak is an entrepreneur and recently joined the techno music world, creating, producing, and performing his new artistry in underground techno clubs all over the world. Hamed Wardak is known as Valen of Wicked.

Visionary Hamed Wardak Connects to a New Audience Through Valen of Wicked

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