Professional Betting Platforms like Betcris Excited to See Ohio University Launch New Certificate Program

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Betcris along with many international platforms help to facilitate sports gambling in the many nations across the globe in which the pastime has now been legalized. Even a growing number of states in the USA now permit wagering on sports events. Yet despite this recent change and the number of sports betting platforms available for use in the USA like Betcris, academic courses about legal sports betting remain limited in number.  Ohio University plans to establish a Certificate Program to assist coaches, school administrators, and students in identifying and responding to fraudulent activities in this emerging industry.

An Important New Field

Many people view sports gambling fraud as another way of describing old-fashioned match-fixing. Yet the sponsors of the new certificate program hope to instill a more comprehensive and sophisticated public understanding of this topic. They focus on gaming integrity and regulatory compliance. This area encompasses a spectrum of issues impacting modern legal sports wagering.

What types of subjects will courses addressing gaming integrity cover? A few of the topics in this potentially wide field include identifying fraudulent schemes involving sports wagering, complying with state regulatory requirements, and responding to illicit gaming activities effectively. Students enrolling in the Sports Gambling Education Certificate Program will study cases of sports betting fraud. They will also consider the broader societal implications of game-fixing schemes, underage gambling, and other regulatory compliance lapses. Obtaining effective oversight and risk management services also prove fundamental to this rapidly developing field.

Making Sports Gambling Education Widely Available

Ohio University’s AECOM Center For Sports Administration will offer the certificate program in conjunction with a private online educational platform provider and a Las Vegas-based firm specializing in sports integrity monitoring. Since 1966, Ohio University has developed extensive coursework devoted to the commercial aspects of sports. The AECOM Center For Sports Administration serves as one of the educational institution’s recognized Centers of Excellence.

Through its College of Business, Ohio University offers a number of undergraduate and graduate programs relating to the business of athletics, including a one-year MBA, a Masters of Sports Administration and MBA dual degree, and a number of graduate Business Certificates. Online information did not disclose whether admission to the new certificate program offered through a private distance educational platform requires formal admission to Ohio University, or not. Many students from the Ohio State College of Business might enroll in this new Certificate program.

The Certificate Program

The cutting edge Sports Gambling Education Certificate Program seeks to inform students, coaches, and athletic program administrators about the field of legal sports wagering. Some of the professionals presenting lessons reportedly include:

  • Jim Kahler, the Executive Director of the AECOM Center For Sports Administration;
  • Bob Bolland, the Penn State University Athletics Integrity Officer;
  • Matt Holt, President of U.S. Integrity;
  • Karl Bennison, a former chief enforcement officer of the Nevada Gaming Control Board;
  • Sara Slane, formerly with the American Gaming Association;
  • Matt Cacciato, the Director of Ohio University’s Master’s of Sports Administration Program.

Launching This Spring

The new three-course online Certificate program becomes available for the first time in May, 2020. Its sponsors believe this new series of courses will help furnish a vital service. They hope the Sports Gambling Education Certificate assists people working in diverse fields (including competitive athletics, sports administration, legal sports betting, and compliance services) in fully appreciating the new regulatory landscape of legalized sports wagering.

Graduates of the self-paced fully online program must pass examinations in order to complete the three-course program and receive a Certificate from Ohio University through its AECOM Center For Sports Administration. The program envisions three separate courses. Payment plans will assist some learners.

Professional Sports Betting Platform Betcris Responds

Betcris is the preeminent sports gambling driver in Latin America.  The platform is built on the basis that all betting should be honest and impartial — and fun — and this allows us to advance a successful business model that identifies winners.

Betcris also believes in being straightforward and compliant with gambling and customer security requirements in every nation where they operate.  This is another example of our commitment to the gambling community.

More programs emerging like the one at Ohio University ensures that our promise to uphold a fair and honest gaming platform will be met with a cadence of professional individuals who abide by our guidelines. These individuals will use our platform and others with fairness and compliance, which makes sports betting a more exciting event for all.

Betcris hopes to see more of these types of academic courses begin to surface in university settings all over the world.

Professional Betting Platforms like Betcris Excited to See Ohio University Launch New Certificate Program

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