Ryan Brucato Discusses Covid-19 Market Repercussions

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In only the first few months of 2020, Covid-19 swept through and left in its wake a new world that seems like more of a nightmare to most of us. Beyond the strange quarantined living conditions that have become the “new normal,” the financial markets have taken a great hit. Fortunately, the last few weeks of April show clear signs that things are tapering. This global pandemic is causing the Federal Reserve to slash interest rates. Many companies across the globe feel forced to rethink their earnings outlooks for the future as a whole. With investors keeping a keen eye on all of this market movement, many think that their savings are at risk of dissolving. Every day, investors like you feel compelled to examine their investment strategies to rescue what there is left to salvage. Before making any sudden maneuvers or sweeping changes to your investment portfolio, listen to an expert in the finance industry like Ryan Brucato give you his professional opinion on the best investment choices you can make in the wake of Covid-19.

Ryan Brucato is a venture capitalist who has enjoyed countless successes from his numerous entrepreneurial exploits. Brucato founded both RB Milestone Group LLC and EMBR Capital LLC. The success of these companies is a testament to his knowledge and experience within the financial and international trade sectors. Using this unparalleled comprehension of the inner workings of the market, Brucato discusses the effects that the Covid-19 pandemic will have on your future investment strategies and our county as a whole. Brucato’s insights can help you more clearly decide the best ways to proceed with your future portfolio management.

Impacts of the Pandemic on World Markets

There have been many questions about the condition of this country’s market and world markets following this pandemic. According to Brucato, a global recession is almost definite. The United States may already be experiencing a recession. The worries on most investors’ minds include the length of economic instability.

Impact on Corporate and Consumer Debt

Presently, debt is a raft that is keeping significant corporations and consumers alike afloat. The country depending on this sinking lifeline to stay afloat, is of great concern to economists, policymakers, and company management. Many of these individuals are trying to comprehend the true scope of the situation, not to mention the overwhelming cost. Devastating decreases in underlying share prices affected a large number of businesses causing them to place focus on short-term debt to prevent diluted equity. Unfortunately, this is not the answer to the problems facing the business world. Many circumstances will make it impossible to tend to loan obligations. Loans are only temporary solutions met with corporate cash flow. Understanding this concept makes the Paycheck Protection Program extremely attractive. It is a smart way for smaller companies to gain momentary respite.

How to Invest and Win When the Pandemic Ends

Carona has altered how society functions, which will inevitably ripple into the long-term. Advice: Invest in items that contain solid core fundamentals. Also, items that must prosper in a remote setting. Some examples include online education, streaming entertainment services, and household software.

When Will Markets Normalize?

As the markets rise from March’s devastation, economic statistics paint a bleak picture for the short-term. In the upcoming months, businesses will become more regular, so better economic feedback should follow. Most economists agree that progress should increase and that the outlook should make a turn for the better by the end of the year.

Final Advice From Ryan Brucato

Ryan Brucato understands the worries and apprehension that investors must feel during this uncertain and unprecedented moment in our history. Brucato hopes to calm these fears and to put things into perspective. He knows that all recessions follow a cycle. It is only natural that one might become upset watching years of hard-earned retirement plans and investment portfolios begin to disappear. However, he tells investors that they should concentrate on the long-term. Eventually, things must turn around. Ryan Brucato stresses the importance of paying attention to all of the information, weighing the data, and keeping emotions at a minimum. That is how we will find success on the other side of Covid-19.

About Ryan Brucato

Ryan Brucato’s background is largely entrepreneurial. In early 2009, he founded the management consulting firm, RB Milestone Group LLC, and currently sits on its Advisory Board. He has been responsible for starting numerous private ventures throughout his career and has advised hundreds of public and private companies globally. He has a deep-rooted proficiency in international trade, corporate finance and M&A.

In 2012, Ryan Brucato founded what is now EMBR Capital LLC, a single-member family office and venture capital fund based in Greenwich, CT, USA. EMBR partners with exceptional founders and management teams with unique insights, through all phases of growth. Mr. Brucato has a passion for international business and aligns much of EMBR’s fund allocations with entrepreneurs and management teams that echo the same mindset.

Since 2017, he has completed over 80 EMBR investments into over 50 companies that operate on 6 continents. Mr. Brucato has directed much of EMBR’s investments into companies focused on: cannabis; diversified natural resources; healthcare; renewable energy; technology and telecommunications.

He is also dedicated to funding socially and environmentally impactful businesses worldwide. Over the years, he has been noted in many leading publications, including: Fox Business, Gold & Minerals Gazette, Bloomberg, HazMat Magazine, Resource Investing News, The Financial Review and BusinessWeek. Mr. Brucato resides in Greenwich, CT with his wife and two sons. He enjoys spending time with family, regularly attending local CrossFit classes, participating in triathlons and skiing.

Ryan Brucato Discusses Covid-19 Market Repercussions

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