Infinite CBD: Connecting Us to True Health?


Infinite CBD, a Colorado-based CBD company, has taken the CBD industry by storm. Much like cannabidiol itself, Infinite CBD is growing increasingly popular year over year. First introduced in 2016, Infinite CBD is a solution-driven brand that many recent consumers have regarded as unique, having great variety in their product selection, a brand that offers a variety of methods in which to attain results, with a purity of product that is highly effective.  Given the company’s honorable reputation, it comes as no surprise that Infinite CBD is a go-to source for those consumers in search of obtaining optimum health and wellness naturally. From their cruelty-free products to their modern branding, Infinite CBD is held in high regard for various reasons.

Infinite CBD’s vast range of products offers something suitable for every single consumer across the board, extending from their famous Asteroid gummies to cooling creams. The former are all 100 percent vegan and packed in copious quantities. This makes it simple for consumers to personalize their selection. Meanwhile, the cooling creams offer a more unconventional approach to CBD consumption, which is Infinite’s MO. Nano CBD products, capsules, oil droppers, and pet salves are also different product lines available on their website. With so many doses and applications at the buyer’s disposal, Infinite CBD makes it a cinch for consumers to shop until completely satisfied.

The most enticing aspect of Infinite CBD’s collection is its affordability. The rates are incredibly competitive, which is why the company ranks among the most elite CBD brands in the cannabis industry. In fact,  when Infinite CBD consumers speak to the brand’s price point, most each and everyone feel the product is worth every penny spent.  Infinite’s online reviews are glowing. From individual to third-party testimonials, nearly all of the feedback is positive. These favorable reviews bespeak Infinite CBD’’s successful track record from the moment that the company opened its doors in 2016. Within these testimonials, consumers are quick to applaud both the quality and reliability of Infinite CBD’s products and its first-rate customer service.

The CBD business’s brand new, trendy aesthetic also seems to be very successful and has quickly garnered hosts of praise from their consumer-base, not to mention numerous professional marketing awards for its industry-leading achievements in the website design and user experience and interface. Their website, after a recent brand redesign led by co-founder and CMO Stephen Ryan, has a captivating and beautifully simplified intergalactic design. Though Infinite CBD spends much more time concerned with the purity of their isolate and less time concerned with their overall marketing image, they want to give the impression that their products are out of this world. With their asteroid gummies and space-related branding, they’ve done just that. In addition to being clever, Infinite CBD is also consistent.

Consumers rave about Infinite CBD’s ability to invariably deliver top-notch products. Infinite CBD is known for quality, which and from their almost full five-star rating on google, it is apparent Infinite CBD customers are very satisfied with the brand overall and keep coming back for more. When it comes to their CBD products, patrons want to be sure that they’re getting the same premium standard that they have always received. Fortunately, this particular CBD brand never misses the mark. Infinite CBD has shown they are the masters of fresh and innovative.

Infinite CBD’s nano products are prime examples of how the company thinks outside of the box. In essence, Infinite uses nanotechnology to aid in increased bioavailability. In layman’s terms, bioavailability is the amount of a particular substance that is introduced to the body that can actively be absorbed and get to work on its mission to help you. The nano CBD droppers are presumed to pack the biggest punch. For those who are interested in a higher potency, Infinite CBD recommends looking into their nano line.

It was mentioned briefly above, but you cannot go too long talking about the virtue of Infinite CBD without mentioning the revolutionary product that gave the Infinite CBD brand that surge forward into the spotlight that it needed, stabilized the brand as one of the cannabis industry’s who’s who,  and made Infinite CBD a CBD industry leader… the one and only Asteroid Gummy. 

The Asteroid Gummy by Infinite CBD

The Asteroid Gummy should easily be considered the center or the linchpin product line for the Infinite CBD brand. Asteroid Gummies were the first 100% natural and vegan gummy introduced to the CBD industry and upon release of the product line, Infinite CBD was quickly considered a household name in the industry. The Asteroid Gummy was the product that paved the way for the diversified lines of product that Infinite CBD has created and added to its CBD lineup to this day. Asteroid Gummies are regularly singled out as the top CBD gummy in the industry and around the world. Asteroid Gummy fans will be the first to tell you that the enormous infusion of fruity-goodness hidden inside each one of those space gummies is bigger and better than any other gummy on the market today, CBD or not.  Needless to say, Infinite CBD might not nearly be the diverse and amazing CBD brand that they are today if they had not found/created and released the Asteroid gummy and found it when they did.

Overall, Infinite CBD is a renowned single source and now multi-cannabinoid CBD corporation that thousands of consumers from across the country know and trust for all of their CBD needs. As they continue to expand both their knowledge and horizons, we hope Infinite CBD is eager to introduce even more exciting and, out-of-the-box and groundbreaking products to the CBD market.

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Infinite CBD: Connecting Us to True Health?

One thought on “Infinite CBD: Connecting Us to True Health?

  1. Great article about CBD oil and the simplicity in ways to use it to feel strong. I do know that my mother has a 15-year-old pointer named Hope. Hope recently started taking some of the puppy stuff that Infinite CBD has to offer and she said it was like night and day for Hope’s energy and demeanor, plus her coat is looking younger and younger than ever before.

    Infinite CBD is doing some incredible things within the industry as well. Co-sponsoring a clinical trial to prove CBD does not cause liver damage and to help the FDA finally set some real regulations for the industry as a whole. Infinite just launched their first multi-cannabinoid products and so much more. Take a good for yourself.


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