Get More Rest in a Comfortable Nest

Nest Bedding: The Beginning

The vision in 2011 was to build a company that would offer mattresses that were both good for the environment and appealed to online consumers. 

What Mattresses Does Nest Offer?

Nest offers six different mattresses, each with different firmness and either flippable or not. All Nest beds are made of Energex foam that supports a customer’s body while giving them the comfort they need:

Love and Sleep: Love and Sleep is 11 inches thick with medium firmness and three foam layers to always keep the mattress nice and cool. It feels good, has excellent recoil, and is our most affordable mattress.

The Alexander Signature Mattress: Alexander Signature is 13 inches thick and a bit firmer than Love and Sleep. It features our Energex foam plus a copper-based memory gel that helps the mattress hold its shape. It will mold perfectly to a person’s form as they sleep and spring back in the morning.

Alexander Signature Hybrid: Alexander Hybrid adds some recoil to the signature by adding eight inches of foam wrapped coils yet is still 14 inches thick. The coils also isolate motion, so if there is movement on one side, they won’t feel it on the other. It can be purchased in soft, medium, firm, or split.

Latex: This mattress is perfect for pain relief and sensitive sleepers. It is mold and dust mite resistant.

Latex Hybrid: This 13.5-inch-thick mattress can be purchased in any firmness or split if desired. It incorporates the eight inches of foam wrapped coils for isolated motion.

Certified Organic Cotton: This mattress is 12 inches thick and available in medium, firm, or soft. It combines our foam wrapped coils wrapped in natural cotton with rubber latex and a soft cotton cover. Due to its natural fibers, it naturally breathes, adding to your comfort.

How are Nest Mattresses Delivered?

Nest Bedding ship’s mattresses for free inside the continental US and charge a postal fee outside the continental US and internationally. Nest offers a unique service, they will deliver, unpackage, and set up the mattress for a small extra fee.

The mattresses are handmade and should arrive within a week after purchase but can be delivered faster at a small additional fee. 

How to Return a Nest

Try the mattress for 30 days, and if you’re not happy with the firmness, Nest will adjust it until you’re getting the most optimal sleep possible. 

Sometimes altering the firmness is extremely easy and sometimes more complicated depending on the type. Contact Nest for more information. 

To return a mattress, a customer would contact Nest’s amazing customer service department. 

They might ask for some necessary information about the item that is being returned and may want to ascertain if it is in “donatable condition,” and then arrange for disposal or donation. 

How much does a Mattress from Nest Cost?

Mattresses run from about $700 for Love and Sleep to about $3,600 for Certified Organic Cotton.

How to clean a Nest Mattress?

Liquids can damage the mattress from the inside! If a customer accidentally spills something on the bed, dab with a dry towel until the liquid is absorbed. 

Otherwise, to remove dust, use a vacuum cleaner, the mattress tops can be dry cleaned, and mattress protectors can easily be washed in a washing machine on a cool setting.

How Long Does a Nest Mattress Last?

Nest’s mattresses all have a lifetime warranty that lasts as long as you retain ownership of the product, they will replace any defect or manufacturing errors. A customer also has 100 days to return the mattress for firmness or comfort issues.

How Firm are Nest Mattresses?

Nest Bedding mattresses come in soft, medium, and firm depending on the desired firmness. Any mattress ordered from the company can be “split,” so one person can enjoy one type of firmness while another sleeper enjoys a different firmness.

Nest Bedding set out to make the most comfortable mattresses available. Nest hopes everyone will try one of their revolutionary mattresses to see if they agree. 

Get More Rest in a Comfortable Nest

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