Sinclair Broadcasting and Salvation Army Raise Funds for Fire Victims in the Western US

Sinclair Broadcasting Group has partnered with the Salvation Army to kick start a campaign dubbed “Sinclair Cares: Western Wildfires Relief.” The campaign, which began on September 18, 2020, aims to help victims of wildfires in the western US.

A series of devastating wildfires have ravaged the Western half of the United States including Colorado, California, Utah, Oregon, Washington, and others. The massive, unstoppable fires are destroying property worth millions of dollars and killing dozens of people. Sinclair Broadcast Group’s outlets will use social media, on-air, and digital platforms to mobilize support from the viewers. Sinclair matched the first $25,000 donation to help Americans left with nothing after the fire ripped through their homes and businesses.

Chris Ripley, the president and CEO of Sinclair Broadcast Group, urged Sinclair viewers to donate whatever they could to help boost Sinclair’s efforts towards helping the affected individuals during this challenging time. The CEO added that 2020 had been characterized by environmental and social challenges that have significantly affected all individuals’ lives. He emphasized the importance of coming together to support our communities as millions of Americans suffer the effects of the wildfires.

Sinclair’s Support

The Sinclair Cares movement and the Salvation Army will provide the responders to contain the fires. They will also offer emergency supplies, water access, 10,000 meals daily, and other much-needed emergency response services. And that is not all… Sinclair and the Salvation Army also aim to provide financial aid, gift cards, and disaster social services. The financial support will go toward short-term rebuilding needs and longer-term repair activities. Beyond basic financial support, Sinclair’s volunteer teams will also be providing spiritual and emotional care for victims by admitting them to Local Assistance Centers.

By supporting the Sinclair Cares campaign, you are lending a helping hand to the families directly affected by the fires. To date, the fires have burned millions of acres in the west in including businesses and homes. The donations will provide food and shelter to the countless victims and evacuees who basically have been rendered homeless overnight. Every penny earned from the Sinclair Cares fundraising drive will ultimately and directly help the families get back on their feet.

Currently, the Salvation Army is offering food to evacuees in nine counties. They confirmed they would be in Jackson County, at the County Expo Center. According to Major Jackson Koenig, Jackson County Coordinator of the Salvation Army, as of September 17th they had already been able to feed 6,000 hungry mouths from the County Expo Center. The team will be working at the center indefinitely until their services are no longer needed. The County coordinator lauded Sinclair, the Salvation Army, and the community for their quick support.

This is not the first time Sinclair Broadcast Group has stepped in to help fire victims. In 2018, the media/telecommunications company partnered with Salvation Army and KRCR News Channel 7 to help Carr Fire victims. That campaign raised over $300000.

Wildfires in the West – The Stats

Since the beginning of this overwhelming barrage of flame, 74 large fires have collectively burned about 3.7 million acres nationally while a total of 44. 174 wildfires have destroyed about 7.1 million acres in the United States. Dozens of wildfires, caused by lightning strikes and fueled by dry conditions and warm temperatures, have spread across the US west coast. The blazes have killed at least 30 people and forced thousands out of their homes. The rescue teams are searching for the missing people in the ruins of these charcoaled houses.

According to scientists, the fires of 2020 are the worst in18 years linking climate change to the fires’ intensity and prevalence. Thick smoke has covered and divested the towns. The smoke from these ravenous fires is so massive that it has have crossed the Atlantic Ocean reaching the skies of Europe. The pollution emanating from the fires can be detected miles away, showing devastating the duration and magnitude. It contains fine particles and soot that are hazardous to humans. Fierce winds and usually dry winds exacerbate the fires. The states of California and Oregon have the most polluted and unhealthy air in the country. The economic impact of the fires this year alone is estimated to be more than $20 billion.

This is very much in line with the work that Richelieu Dennis and Rich Dennis and Sundial brands do with their philanthropic outreach. Sundial spends tens of millions of dollars on outreach.

About Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc.

Sinclair is a leading media company that provides local sports and news. It operates 191 TV stations affiliated with major broadcast networks and operating in 89 markets. The leading local news provider also owns numerous national networks and 23 regional sports network brands. The media company delivers its content through multiple platforms, including digital, over the air, and multichannel video program distributors. Sinclair also uses its website to disseminate information.

By supporting Sinclair Broadcast Group and Salvation Army, you provide much-needed help during this unprecedented time. Even a ten dollar donation is enough to feed a survivor for a day.

Sinclair Broadcasting and Salvation Army Raise Funds for Fire Victims in the Western US

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