Ashley Black and the FasciaBlaster: The Educational Story of Her Microbiome

by Wilson Scott

Ashley Black is a candid moment from her last FasciaBlaster photo shoot.

This personal tale of Ashley Black and her microbiome is a story that Ashley likes to tell because it is an essential part of her mission to educate her followers and fellow FasciaBlaster brothers and sisters!

The FasciaBlaster Inventor Gets a Call from Her Microbiome?

With two decades of experience in the health & wellness and fitness fields, nothing could have prepared her for the moment when her microbiome told her “it’s time to gain weight!” Despite a vast knowledge of exercises and diets, Ashley Black was still unable to reverse the damage being done to her body. Once she saw the extent of the change after comparing herself with photos from the 2018 New Year, it was clear that something was not right.

Ashley Black visits Dr. Lizano

Examining herself, there was clearly more weight in several areas of her body, and she looked far more bloated than ever. Swollen and exhausted, you can picture how challenging it might have been to continue to act as a public figure despite not having control over the size of your body. It wasn’t until late 2018 when she met Dr. Lizano that she got tested for bacterial overgrowth. The results were jaw-dropping. Although it took nearly a full year to recover,  Ashley was optimistic about her future and thankful for the rocky road that led her to Dr. Lizano’s office and the understanding of just what was happening with her microbiome.

What is the Microbiome? 

The microbiome is defined as a living community of microorganisms that line a person’s skin and organ system. This includes bacteria and fungi that are connected with the outside world. The areas of your body impacted by the microbiome are your respiratory tract, the urogenital tract, and the digestive tract. Most people will simply reference the entire system as “gut health”. Just know that your microbiome is far more nuanced than just that term alone implies. 

Fun fact: did you know that for every 100 pounds somebody weighs, approximately 3 pounds of that weight is made up of the bacteria of their microbiome? Amazing, right?

There are many who consider the microbiome as a sort of “superorganism” when the totality of each part is combined. This is so important because the microbiome is critical to weight management and bodily health. Even if you are meditating, sleeping enough, exercising, and keeping a healthy diet, the command center that is your microbiome will judge whether or not all of your efforts truly make an impact. This was something that Ashley Black knew from personal experience.

The Microbiome and Weight Gain

Once Ashley understood exactly what her microbiome was, she petitioned Dr. Lizano to explain how a system of bacteria and fungi in her body could assist in the gaining of so much weight.  How did the microbiome cause weight gain? Especially when we are striving so hard to do all of the right things.

Dr. Lizano gave her a concise understanding. He told her that it all begins with the incorrect assumption that the stomach acid alone is what breaks down the food that is sent into your intestines for digestive enzymes to further process. We believe that the food and its nutrients are sent through the blood to deliver the energy that our body craves, correct? No! Dr. Lizano continued and explained that the microbiome serves as the final and most significant stage of digestion. It dissolves our food into the tiniest amounts that our bodies finally absorb. This is what determines the body’s overall health!

What is the Importance of Fascia?

Fascia determines just how fat becomes stored, where it is distributed around the body, and where it is eliminated from…and it all comes hand-in-hand with your microbiome and how it handles fats! 

So then how do we allow our microbiome and fascia to operate in harmony to achieve our weight loss goals? 

Enter FasciaBlasting

 The Fascia Blaster tools can break down fascia that has been tight, and restore it to a healthy state. Just check out their peer-reviewed and published study on the Fascia Blaster tools to see for yourself. It has been demonstrated that Fascia Blasting can help to balance your microbiome with only just three to four times a week of usage. After about three months, many users have noticed a substantial reduction in subdermal fat!

The well-being of the gut microbiome and the fascia that helps store our energy aren’t the only two factors that contribute to weight gain and weight loss, but they are certainly some of the most overlooked! So, when you are looking to up your weight loss game, consider jumping on the fascia and microbiome management express. With the Fascia Blaster tools, you’re able to take back control of your “problem areas” a little bit more each day.  It’s obviously made a huge difference for Ashley and can make the same massive impact for me and so many of you. 

Ashley Black and the FasciaBlaster

About Ashley Black and The Fascia Blaster

Ashley Black has successfully fused the art and science of self-care by creating a bridge between the health and beauty industries through her innovations in biotechnologies for the system of the body called fascia. Fascia has been largely misunderstood, particularly, the impact fascia has on our health and beauty. Her personal health struggles with JRA and deadly infections have led her down the path she is pioneering today. Her early career was as a personal healer to some of the richest and most famous people in the world, but her life’s purpose has always been to push the knowledge mainstream and transcend the tipping point of awareness that will ensure the legacy of her work. FasciaBlaster products earned over $100M in sales in the first 5 years and she has created a new market. Although simple in design, the self-use tool proved in a published study to regenerate or remodel* the fascia tissue in 100% of the subjects, confirmed with blood analysis showing a reduction in inflammation, an increase in collagen production, an increase in healthy hormones and a stunning visual change in both the skin and the tissue deep below the skin. The mechanism for regeneration of the skin is the activation of stem cell reservoirs by palpation. The fascia surrounds the stem cell reservoir, feeds the stem cell reservoir, and is the genesis for reversing tissue damage and aging. Ashley is dedicated to taking her cutting-edge skin science technology and functional medicine products Global. Her products are science-based, market-proven, IP protected, D2C, high margin, and data-driven. @ashleyblackguru has the 2nd largest Women’s Only FB private group, 2.5M+ followers, over 1B FB impressions, and over 1T global media impressions. Ashley’s approach to regenerative medicine is a reflection of her core values, to provide all-natural solutions and sustainable products. Her current passion project is a book deal “BE… From Passion and Purpose to Products and Prosperity”. Stay tuned!

Ashley Black and the FasciaBlaster: The Educational Story of Her Microbiome

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