Sinclair Broadcast Group’s The National Desk is on the Air

On November 18, Sinclair Broadcast Group announced that it has decided on a name for its headline news programming. It is called “The National Desk,” and just began airing daily in mid-January 20201. The National Desk will serve as the company’s method of delivering the most urgent and up-to-date news in real-time. It will be delivered to viewers across the United States. Sinclair plans to make the programming available across all of its media outlets, including its over-the-top platforms, digital streaming services, and broadcast television stations.

About The National Desk

The National Desk is the go-to source for important national news stories. Sinclair Broadcast Group uses the desk to provide viewers with local and national news every day. The journalists deliver the news without commentary, which is a departure from what it currently does for much of its programming. The programming will also include original reports, investigations, and live coverage of current news as the events take place. The programming segments have coordinated national content as well as separate local content that is customized to each market based on the market’s location.

Sinclair’s Goals for The National Desk

According to Chris Ripley, who is the CEO and President of Sinclair Broadcast Group, the goal of the programming is to give local and national audiences the details they need about what is going on in their communities, states, and the United States as a whole. The coverage is delivered on a minute-by-minute basis in a manner that is both accurate and timely. He added that The National Desk puts Sinclair Broadcast Group in the leadership role in the delivery of local news. Ripley went on to state that the news has never been more critical to the safety, health, well-being, and daily lives of Americans. From the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine distribution to politics, Ripley believes people continue to demand precise information that speaks to their current situations.

Award-winning Anchor Leads The National Desk

The main anchor for The National Desk is Jan Jeffcoat. Jeffcoat is a well-known journalist who has won many industry accolades, including an Edward R. Murrow Award and Emmy Award for her live, in-person coverage of the damage caused by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. In 2010, she also won the 2010 Outstanding Young Alumni Award from the University of South Carolina. Jeffcoat delivers national news ranging from politics at the federal level to the local level. From there, local providers will take over the delivery of community news. The segments will switch between the national anchor and local anchors.

What Jeffcoat Has to Say About the New News Programming

Jeffcoat states that at this moment in time, people want news that’s accurate. They want it delivered as soon as it happens. They don’t want to miss anything important. Jeffcoat went on to state that The National Desk provides viewers with all the details of what they need to know at the moment.

Sinclair’s The National Desk

Additional Team Members for The National Desk

Cayle Thompson joins The National Desk as a live anchor. She reports from the Washington, D.C. newsroom coordinated by the Sinclair conglomerate. Thompson previously worked at Sinclair’s KOMO-TV Seattle location. Jeffcoat will be based at Sinclair’s media headquarters.

Air Times for The National Desk

The National Desk airs live on weekday mornings between 6:00 am and 9:00 am Eastern and Mountain time. It is shown on all Sinclair station websites, MY Network affiliates, CW stations, and on STIRR, which is the over-the-top streaming platform operated by Sinclair’s network. The National Desk also airs live on selected FOX affiliates serviced by Sinclair.

The National Desk from Sinclair Broadcast Group

About Sinclair Broadcast Group

Sinclair Broadcast Group is the second-largest provider of news and local sports in the United States. It operates 190 public television stations in 88 markets. This accounts for 40% of American households. Its coverage is heaviest in the South and Midwest. It also owns multiple national networks. Its networks are affiliated with CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX. The business owns or operates 23 regional sports networks and brands. Sinclair Broadcast Group‘s news content can be accessed on a wide range of platforms, including digital venues, video programs and live, over-the-air broadcasts. Headquartered in Cockeysville, MD, this vast media and news company was founded in 1971 under the name Chesapeake Television Corporation by Julian Sinclair Smith.

Sinclair Broadcast Group’s The National Desk is on the Air

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