Gary Kaplan: Combining Family Vacations and Family Philanthropy For The Good of Communities

Gary Kaplan is a native and international businessman. He is from Brooklyn but relocated to Costa Rica along with his family in the 1990s. His charitable endeavors led to the start of the HG Kaplan Foundation, a non-profit for assisting children who find themselves in underprivileged and underserved communities. Gary Kaplan aims to support each child’s hope and ensure they get the best chance to succeed in the future. His foundation aims at providing aid and improving the quality of life for different communities from all walks of life.

The first charitable project that the HG Kaplan Foundation engaged in was assisting Costa Rican families who got displaced after catastrophic mudslides. He took it upon himself to provide them with funds to rebuild and get back on their feet.

Travels and family vacations inspire Gary Kaplan’s philanthropy

The whole vision of the foundation was inspired by Gary Kaplan’s travels around the world. While traveling in places like Zambia, Africa, he was culture-shocked to see how communities lacked simple necessities like water. By witnessing the struggles women faced, like traveling miles to get essential commodities, Gary was surprised to see how communities lived in desperation because necessary resources were not readily available. Such challenges would be the reason behind the HG Kaplan foundation, which is all about giving people better livelihoods.

Using a solution-centered approach to change the world

So many communities are not privileged and barely make it by the day. The HG Kaplan foundation aims at changing the lives of the less fortunate communities by giving them a practical, solution-oriented approach. Along with providing fresh water, improved housing is something that Gary saw necessary to give the people better livelihoods. His service and donations were going on a good course and were pretty satisfying and enough reason for the HG foundation to keep going forward.

Gary uses his entrepreneurship and leadership skills to manage all the philanthropic activities he pursues. The key to remaining objective has been thanks to proper planning and management and operating within four core values: financial accountability, solidarity, integrity, and innovation. With that, the foundation can continue its vision and maximize every coin that comes into the project.
The four philosophies help come up with creative solutions to problems by using complete honesty and transparency. No matter where the foundation is doing charitable activities, the aim is always to keep a consistent vision.

The programs that the HG foundation focuses on

The infrastructure of the foundation relies on four programs that help in identifying what every person involved needs. They include:

  • Health education
  • Daycare center
  • Bed and basic food
  • Clinic projects

Gary Kaplan has been dedicated to the foundation he started and philanthropic efforts, an outstanding investment of time, money and resources. Words cannot explain the difference his sacrifices make to the countries where his help is needed. Gary has remained focused on his strategy while using a business-minded approach to get things done. It is one of the reasons why his foundation has been productive over the years and continues to serve many communities worldwide.

The HG Kaplan Foundation has been a revolution serving different communities with hands-on work and financial support depending on the help each need. It doesn’t stop there, considering that Gary Kaplan and his foundation still have future projects to assist communities in accessing the resources instrumental for living happily, safely and healthily.

Gary Kaplan: Combining Family Vacations and Family Philanthropy For The Good of Communities

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