Outdoor Activities that Boost Productivity

Motivation is the driver that keeps employees productive. However, during summer, we can all become listless because of the heat. Your workers are no different. Boosting their productivity back to higher levels is possible.

Focus on the Outdoors

Studies show that changing your environment can give your productivity a huge boost. Some of the most productive people in business make changes to their work environment consistently. This summer, try to increase office morale by encouraging your workers to step out into that beautiful weather. For example, let’s explore some cheap and easy outdoor activities that can boost productivity in the office.

  • Take trips to the Coffee Shop.

During the summer months, the sky is sunny throughout the day. But summer doesn’t just mean a pleasant shift to warmer weather. It also gets humid. The office space can get a little uncomfortable with the heavy air and the scorching rays coming in through the window. Sometimes, the need to escape these conditions can make everyone lose focus. Such are the perfect times to shake things up by taking the team out for some iced coffee.

Find a local coffee shop that isn’t too far from the office. Taking everyone out will allow for a short walk and a change in scenery. The scent of freshly ground coffee beans will provide a well-deserved shift in the environment. It will help everyone reset their focus and productivity once they return to work.

  • Offer Summer Fridays

Summer Fridays are a popular strategy used by New York City publishing companies to boost morale among their workers. Most workers feel more job satisfaction when they have a good balance between their work life and personal life. If you have excellent job satisfaction among your workers, you’ll have a happy and productive work environment.

The Summer Friday strategy boosts morale and work-life balance by shortening the workday on Fridays. The great summer weather is something that we all look forward to at this time of the year. For workers who can feel fidgety or restless by staying in during this sunny weather, Summer Fridays are a great feature to look forward to. Just make sure that everyone has wrapped up all urgent and necessary work before anyone leaves early.

Get your employees motivated and excited during this summer season by giving them a jumpstart on their weekends.

  • Throw Company Picnics

If you have any big event coming up, this is your sign to use it as an excuse to throw a company picnic. Whether your event is an anniversary or a product launch, taking advantage of summer weather to have the event outdoors will provide a nice change of scenery. Schedule a company picnic and cater to all the necessary features, including disposable cutlery, baskets, and gingham cloths. Making the entire production aesthetically pleasing will only add to the fun.

Throw in some games as well to get more excitement going. Playing with frisbees or hula hoops will allow fun-loving and competitive attendees to enjoy themselves.

  • Give Outdoor Yoga A Try

With yoga being so popular, many cities have outdoor yoga opportunities pop up once the weather gets a little warmer. Many sessions are even scheduled around lunchtime to accommodate our busy lives. Shop around your local area for an outdoor yoga session that won’t cut too deeply into work hours and encourage your employees to attend. Remember to lead by example!

Workouts around noon are known to boost productivity throughout the day.

Outdoor Activities that Boost Productivity

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