Marc Roberts Miami’s Real Estate Mogul

marc roberts miami

The American real estate industry is becoming successful every day. An increased number of successful and dedicated real estate developers is expanding the market. Marc Roberts, a successful Miami real estate developer, is a well-known figure in the U.S real estate industry.

Many people in Miami, Florida, continue to enjoy Roberts’ fruits without knowing his origin. He owns a range of condos, rental homes, and other investments that have facelifted Miami. Here is a brief history of Roberts and how he became an influential figure in Miami.

Brief History of Marc Roberts

Roberts is originally from New Jersey, having been born in Newark and raised in West Orange. He moved to Miami, where he pursued his education. Miami’s beautiful beaches and weather inspired Roberts to stay and build his life in the city.

Marc Roberts is a professional urban planner, having received his master’s degree from the University of Miami. He also has a law degree from the University of Miami Law School. Apart from being a real estate developer, Roberts is also a seasoned estate property agent.

His expertise in the real estate industry has connected him with global clients. With more than 20 years of experience, he has led global real estate companies. Many clients from Miami and other parts of the world praise him for the best deals and excellent customer service. Besides having a passion for real estate investment, he loves sports and entertainment.

Sports Management Career

Roberts’ career in sports began when he was nineteen, while in college. His expertise in sports management began when he became his friend’s sports agent. While in college, he joined a basketball team, where he played for American Division 1 team.

His sports management career picked and started signing new players and athletes. At one point, he began to manage champion boxers from Miami. Later, an article was published to show his excellence in managing different players and athletes. At nineteen, Marc Roberts was recognized as the youngest promoter of a professional boxing match.
By twenty-one, he worked closely with world champions like Shannon Briggs, Donald Curry, and Emanuel Steward. Roberts used this opportunity to raise more money to market his career and manage other world champions.

Real Estate Success

Roberts has a full-service real estate company that serves the entire Miami area. The firm focuses on the sale of residential and commercial real estate properties. It also provides other related services like property management services and mortgage services. His main goal is to help the clients find their desired real estate properties.
Park West District, an investment by Roberts and Arthur Falcone, currently hosts great residences like Marina Blue.

This neighborhood covers more than 11 acres and is considered the most valuable real estate in the United States. The two real estate developers had invested more than $100 million in the neighborhood by 2008.
Marc Roberts’ real estate company is family-run. It is located at 1775 Collins Avenue in South Beach. It has vast experience in the real estate business and a reputation for great commitment to meeting the clients’ needs.

Nightclub and Hotel in Miami

Roberts is the owner of a popular club in Miami: Club E11EVEN. The club provides the most luxurious Miami nightlife, attracting high-profile personnel. As the owner, his role is to brand these investments, while other business partners manage the daily activities.
Marc Roberts’ efforts and passion for real estate make Miami better each day.

Marc Roberts Miami’s Real Estate Mogul

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