What is B2B Software, and Why Brands & Wholesalers Should Care


B2B Definition

Business-to-business (B2B) refers to businesses making commercial transactions with other businesses. For example, as a wholesaler or a product manufacturer, if your customers are independent retail chains or stores, distributors, or c-stores, you generally sell business to business.

B2B Software Definition

So, to serve your business to business customers in the best way possible, you will rely on marketing, accounting, sales, and support software. And that is where B2B Software comes in as a support service for your B2B operations.

Examples of B2B Software solutions

B2B Software solutions include;

  • Order taking
  • CRM
  • B2B e-commerce platform
  • Merchandising software
  • Customer service applications
  • Special “members only” portals

B2B software solutions can unify your customer data, CRM, ordering, payments, and inventory in one platform based on your business’s specific needs.

B2B Software Solutions Allow Self-Servicing

Recent research findings show that two out of three individuals would rather find independent means to help themselves instead of talking to a representative. Why? It is more convenient, quicker, and reduces the workload of your reps significantly.

B2B Software solutions can help manage inventory, automate ordering, and offer a knowledge base. B2B solutions can also provide other integrations that can save valuable person-hours, thus making you appear more favorable.

B2B Software Solutions Increase Sales Reps’ Mobility

While the global sales industry keeps shifting its emphasis on mobility, B2B Software solutions are fortunately transforming with it. In today’s mobile-driven surroundings, traveling sales reps have no reason not to be able to access all the business information they need. B2B Software helps them to easily get the business information from the comfort of their tablets or smartphones.

Seizing upsell opportunities, placing orders immediately, sending emails, looking up customer information, and checking inventory levels are now manageable with B2B Software solutions. Today, you can integrate them into a single user-friendly mobile order-taking software. Plus, a B2B Software solution facilitates the whole sales process, thus maintaining healthy ongoing relationships and ultimately promoting a longer customer lifetime.

Why your company needs the B2B Commerce Software

How much B2B software is worth to your brands or wholesale company depends on how customer-centered your objectives are and how long you plan to stay in business. But when choosing the ideal B2B Software, don’t just look at the direct benefits it will have to your clients. Instead, ensure you also reflect on how leveraging the correct B2B solutions can strangle your competition.

With today’s technology, competitors can enter new markets more easily than ever before, meaning they are also capitalizing on opportunities that software advancements have made possible. With better and new means of serving your B2B customers, you can easily remain on the edge of transformation instead of becoming a “look-alike” player.

Choose the Right B2B Software Solution Today

As a business making commercial transactions with other businesses, you understand the desires, challenges, and needs that a growing manufacturing or wholesale firm encounters. You also understand that not protecting your B2B business territory or staying on par with your competitors could mean they grow more rapidly, which could also signal your slow decline.

So, with a B2B Software platform, you can address the above pain points while taking advantage of opportunities that differentiate and offer you a competitive edge. And that’s generally why as a wholesaler or a brand owner, you should care about the mission that B2B Software accomplishes.

What is B2B Software, and Why Brands & Wholesalers Should Care

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