Reconnect with Old Friends and Boost Your Mental Health

Friends spice up life. We get so attached to them that they become part of us, but time, education, work, and relocation can cause detachment. While it may be difficult and awkward to reconnect with friends you’ve been separated from for months or years, it’s possible.

Here’s how reconnecting with an old friend can enhance mental health:

Reasons Why You Should Connect With Your Old Friends

Connecting with friends has emotional and psychological effects on you and your friends. This includes;

It Is Lonely Being an Adult

As people age, they tend to detach from friends due to responsibilities that take most of their time.36% of Americans, including young adults and mothers with little children, feel serious loneliness. Loneliness may lead to early mortality, depression, drug abuse, domestic violence, and heart disease.

Loneliness is also prevalent in older adults of age 50 and above. Their loneliness is caused by chronic illnesses that deny them a social life, living alone, and sensory impairment. It eventually leads to an increased risk of having dementia, stroke, and early death.

It Allows Being Vulnerable.

It feels good to know you have someone to be vulnerable with. Rekindling a friendship with such a person is therapeutic. Being in your life means they know your weaknesses and strengths. Hence you’re able to talk about your fears and success openly. It’s also a time to indulge in the current happenings of each other lives and bring to life lost emotional attachment.

It Is Not Easy To Make Friends

Real friendship is about sincere connection, which is rare. If you have a connection with an old friend, reaching out to them is better than trying to win over new friends. You would be surprised how much they also desired to rekindle the relationship. True friendship is worth the risk so take a step today by calling or texting them. Although awkward at the beginning, the joy and satisfaction are fantastic.

Question to Answer Before Reaching Out to Old Friends

While reaching out to old friends is a positive endeavor, you must stop for a moment and ask yourself some questions. The answers will help you know whether to go on and how to handle yourself. Here are some of the questions to ask;

Could It Be Harmful to My Well-being?

Depending on the history of the friendship, you can decide to slow down. For instance, if the friendship was emotionally, psychologically, or physically abusive, ask someone you trust for advice. It will help you sober up in your decision. A rush to contact them may result in disappointment, causing an emotional breakdown.

Can I Be Vulnerable With Them?

If you were vulnerable with your old friends, the probability is you can still trust them. Its important to first verify their trustworthiness before being vulnerable with them again. Sometimes friends change; hence taking it slow is key.

What Are My Expectations?

Knowing what you expect beforehand will help you avoid disappointments. Also, you can manage the expectations despite the outcome. Your expectation should be based on the nature of the friendship and the reason for your detaching.

Taking Action

If there is a friendship that you long for, it’s time to take a step toward reviving it. You will be surprised at how they anticipated that email, phone call, or text. It makes them feel appreciated and brings joy to both of you. The time to reconnect is now!

Reconnect with Old Friends and Boost Your Mental Health

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