Charitable Giving is an Investment in Connection

Many people regularly give their hard-earned capital to charities these days. The United States contributes more to charity than nearly any other country in the world. According to the Giving USA Foundation, individuals, foundations, and companies contributed an estimated $358.38 billion to charity in 2014, seven years ago. Imagine how that has grown. In recent […]

Outdoor Activities that Boost Productivity

Motivation is the driver that keeps employees productive. However, during summer, we can all become listless because of the heat. Your workers are no different. Boosting their productivity back to higher levels is possible. Focus on the Outdoors Studies show that changing your environment can give your productivity a huge boost. Some of the most […]

The Essential Guide to Customer Acquisition

Customers are an essential part of any thriving business. As such, getting the high-value and in-market ones through your doors should be among your top priorities. This is arguably the most vital initiative you can engage in. it is one of the best ways to build a client base, enable customer loyalty programs, and minimize […]

Gary Kaplan: Combining Family Vacations and Family Philanthropy For The Good of Communities

Gary Kaplan is a native and international businessman. He is from Brooklyn but relocated to Costa Rica along with his family in the 1990s. His charitable endeavors led to the start of the HG Kaplan Foundation, a non-profit for assisting children who find themselves in underprivileged and underserved communities. Gary Kaplan aims to support each […]

Gary Kaplan and The Kaplan Foundation Bring The Mission Back to Bwindi

After Gary Kaplan of the Kaplan Foundation went to Bwindi, Uganda on a successful mission trip to bring clean water to the people there, he always wanted to return. During his first trip, Kaplan wanted to learn about the village and to bring the people a clean source of drinking water. While he was happy […]

Professional Betting Platforms like Betcris Excited to See Ohio University Launch New Certificate Program

Betcris along with many international platforms help to facilitate sports gambling in the many nations across the globe in which the pastime has now been legalized. Even a growing number of states in the USA now permit wagering on sports events. Yet despite this recent change and the number of sports betting platforms available for […]

Visionary Hamed Wardak Connects to a New Audience Through Valen of Wicked

Who Is Hamed Wardak? Hamed Wardak is a very well educated world traveler who was born in Afghanistan, the son to the nation’s minister of defense. Early in life, Hamed Wardak worked alongside his father, deeply passionate about assisting his fellow citizens of Afghanistan whose lives were rocked by 30 years of civil unrest. Hamed […]

Gary Kaplan Attempting to Solve the African Water Crisis

The availability of water is a minimum essential for sustaining human life.  Unfortunately, many people in disadvantaged parts of the world do not enjoy the luxury of having cheap and clean water available in their homes.  Some people like Gary Kaplan have to travel for hours every day just to pick up clean water.  In […]

Hamed Wardak Teaches You How to Write Good Techno Music and Connect with your Audience

by Hamed Wardak Hello! Hamed Wardak here. Some of you devout techno fans may know me as Valen of Wicked. As one of the most popular genres in the world, techno music has become something of a phenomenon. Whether you’re in Detroit, London or Berlin, it’s not difficult to find the techno subculture that will […]

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