Connection Stories

Welcome to Connection Stories!

Connection is defined as a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else.
“The connections between social attitudes and productivity”.

How the world is connected can be an intricate spider web of detail and can find itself played out in any moment of both our professional and our personal lives. So, what is ‘connection‘ and how do we blog about it?

At Connection Stories, we want to explore the variables of connection and talk about every type of connection possible in our world. Not only talk about it but truly explore connection.

Connection can be between two humans, between a human and their animal, between a human and an idea, between an idea and a brand, between a human and a brand, between a brand and its business, between two businesses or brands, between a human and a societal issue, between a human and a personal issue, between two societies, or two animals. Connection stories are boundless and we want to explore the beauty and the vast array of connection experienced in our world.

So, Welcome, and ask yourself “What is your connection story?”

                                                                  –Wilson Scott, Connection Stories Editor-in-Chief and Resident Head Writer

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